Here is some really really old school stuff. recorded between 1988-90. This group was called DXM, short for Deus Ex Machina. This is the tip of an iceberg so vast that Chtulu hissef would wet his drawers were he to come in presence of DXM's catalog. And all preserved on pristine cassettes, recorded at the Lowest of Fi's. For the hardcore only, but near and dear to my heart. 16 minute jam was an off the cuff jam on the starting riff that just went off into parts hithero unknown. Boogie on the Mesa was a riff that we worked on at our very last practice session in April of 1990. Boys With Flaked Skin is an ode to all hair metal ballads. Cockroaches is an ode to a cockroach that I found on my chicken sandwich while I was working at Ralph's Music. True Story. Pon Far is a really good representation of what DXM was - sort of mixture of Metallica and Yes, or Metallica and Rush. Mess or Mush, your choice. (with David Storm and Glenn Kukla)

16 Minute Jam

Boogie on the Mesa

Boys With Flaked Skin


Pon Far


Fulfills teenage dream, plays with Van Halen while Eddie takes a smoke break. Thank you interwebz, Audacity and the Metroamp Forum!

I'm The Twisty


Noodling around with brown sound and old ideas

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I figure that an update about once every three years is pretty good. I decided to post links to the Stemgrower project I did in 1994. All songs copyright 1994 Richard Kimzey/Stemgrower, except for Day Tripper which The Beatles wrote. Helping me with this project were David Storm and Glenn Kukla. Nnelg played the drums and Mr. Mrots sang on a few songs and played bass on all but a few tunes. All of my tunes were written primarily in 1993 and 1994.

August Keepsake

Day Tripper

Gimme Some Sugar

Icky Poo

I've Seen The Worst Of It

Many Miles

Poetry Lemming

She Untied Me

Shiite Blooz


Start It All Over Again

The Mud Is Always Greener

When She's Gone All Day


Lord, it's 2 in the morning. So if you're here to hear clips of a Marshall that has Cerrem's Mod, here's a slew.

These were recorded in late Dec 2002/Jan 2003, by The Boodogs. These are all covers - I'll post the originals tomorrow. The way the covers were picked was we each got to choose three or four from the shows we did, then we started recording, and drank a few bottles of whiskey through the whole mess. We had the engineer hit record and we didn't stop - this was a one shot deal. So take it as it is. There were scratch vocals on the master tapes, but we had them taken off when we burned a cd for our own pleasure, as the scratch vocals were iffy. I wish I had even the scratch vocals now, as the studio and masters burned to the ground a couple of years ago. Oh well! Signal path was guitar into phase 90 into Marshall 1971 Super Lead. Either 1k or 470 ohm resistor between the output primaries. What I Like About You

Hard To Handle

I Touch Myself

Jailhouse Rock

The Joker

Hot For Teacher Rock and Roll All Night

All The Small Things

Nothin' But A Good Time

War Pigs

Family Tradition

I'm The One

I Love Rock 'n' Roll - Walk This Way

Rock and Roll

Livin' Lovin' Maid

Sex Type Thing


also, here's a link to my old "Cerrem's Mod" page: Cerrem's Mod ala mr.twistyneck



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new Boodogs vid from the Murfreesboro Bluesboro gig 06-29-07; it has pics and vids of a few things:

Boodogs Vid

also -

mr.twistyneck's myspace page

The Boodogs myspace page




Ola Amigos, www.twistyneck.net is now back online.   Updates will be irregular if not entirely by chance.


Things to expect:

Zippo Trick Vids.  The ones I did.  Maybe Booty's too.  Maybe I'll host them on YouTube, but we'll see.

Also, mp3's.  Shit tons of them.  This will mostly be bands that I was involved in at one time or another, going back as far as 1986, but there will also be some other nuggets in there.  I've got several hundred cassettes I need to burn onto mp3's and I'll stick them here.

Lastly, I have recently been designated the Kimzey family historian, at least my immediate branch.  I am now in possession of about 4 trunks worth of pictures, papers, etc, and I'm going to scan them and host them here. 



p.s. go buy all of my cousin's cd's at www.andymckee.com .  Really.  He's that good.